• Work towards improving pathways to career progression addressing challenges based on preconceived attitudes because of gender, appearance, and work-life balance.

  • Seek opportunities to celebrate and increase visibility of successful women at all levels within Music, Entertainment and Leisure.

  • Work with members, partners, and affiliates on initiatives to address inappropriate behaviours and attitudes towards women.

  • Work with government and regulators to encourage and empower women to feel confident and safe when going out.

  • Work with communities to encourage and empower communities to stand up and speak out: including bystander training.

  • Lobby for better working practices, and more clarity of confidentiality clauses; seek to raise awareness and better access to legal advice and legal aid.

  • Work with members to build a hub of best practices and guidance on how to enhance diversity and address discrimination in the workplace, including bystander training.

  • Work with secondary and tertiary businesses and service providers on initiatives to tackle discrimination and improve on safeguarding women.

  • Develop training and educational tools for music, entertainment and leisure industries, communities, and schools to help raise awareness on how to celebrate, champion and honour women in our society.

  • Provide accessible support and guidance to help make women feel safer at night.

  • Forge alliances with other industry and trade organisations to collaborate and unify our mission to stand up, speak out and end discrimination against women in music, entertainment, and leisure industries.