Music culture and people’s experiences need to be improved within our industry to be more diverse and inclusive. Our aim is to improve communication, transparency, and bring down barriers to allow people to learn and embrace different cultures. This, in turn, will give a platform for our employees and customers to gain insight and respect for individual cultures, by educating, raising awareness, and enriching the individual experience.


There is an increasing expectation for more diversity in terms of music, experience, and hospitality, driven by international influences within music, tourism, and the night-time economy. However, many businesses have been slow to embrace the shift due to a lack of cultural awareness and underlying prejudices.

Under the umbrella of #WeAreAllInThisTogether’, we aim to forge global alliances with associations, organisations and regulators, and link events, management companies, booking agents, venues, and DJs who will pledge support and implement the commitments to our Call to Action Charter. Pledgers to the Charter will positively drive to enhance our industry culture, by making it a nice, safe, fun, and positive place for everyone to work and play in, with equitable respect and rights, and be able to confidently seek support when they need it.