Silvana Kill

“Discrimination comes in many forms, and as an industry, we must strive to eradicate harmful attitudes and behaviours that allow discrimination to flourish”

I have worked in this beloved industry for most of my working life, moving my way through various roles, starting as an administrator, moving onto executive support roles, working in customer service excellence, compliance, front line security, and specialising in Operations and HR. Being able to help so many people in their careers and businesses has and always will be a passion of mine. I’ve enjoyed each and every experience and learned important lessons from the challenges too. 

The challenges faced by women and non-binary people as they navigate their careers is a key focus for SaveNightlife CIC, where our aim is to empower individuals and encourage them to use their skills to reach their full potential. To do this, it’s imperative we engage with women across every sector in order to learn about their experiences on the ground and offer solutions to the barriers too frequently faced. A fully diverse workplace supports individuals and celebrates diversity regardless of circumstances and lifestyle choices, yet all too often women are left to navigate the tricky path of combining careers and personal lives on their own and forced to make unnecessary sacrifices along the way.

Lack of opportunity, access to furlough schemes, flexible working, and childcare support are just some of the issues faced by women on a daily basis, and many laws written in the past two decades simply fail to stamp out those biases. While it’s true that the UK’s legal system has improved in terms of addressing discrimination in general, many women feel there is still a long way to go. 

Discrimination comes in many forms, and as an industry, we must strive to eradicate harmful attitudes and behaviours that allow discrimination to flourish. Historically, we’ve opened our arms to everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality, and it’s vital that we continue to lead by example in these areas. People walk through our doors knowing they will be allowed the freedom to truly express who they are, and forging lifelong connections and support systems. This is one of the many facets that sets our industry apart from so many others, and it’s our duty to ensure that as new people walk through those doors we’re doing all we can to build on that inclusive, important legacy. 

Your continued engagement and input form the foundations of our commitment to this ethos and armed with that knowledge, we aim to seek partnerships with organisations that can provide relevant information and activities to support the continued mission. In this sense, we can emerge from the pandemic having used our improved sense of community for the greater good. And of course, every gain made on the wider stage also contributes to the success of your own businesses. By removing the opportunity for the embedding of subconscious biases, cultures begin to form that are based on productivity and high performance from the ground up all the way to the board, creating a dynamic and culturally diverse workplace that benefits all.