Rachael Restall

“Be kind to yourself, look how far you have come, and be damn proud of it!”

I have been involved in our beloved industry since I was 18. I began, as many did, as a raver. Sundissential was my first experience of the clubbing world — it was a community, a family, a place where many lifelong friendships were carved all in one. I felt like I belonged, like I had found my tribe. I couldn’t get enough of heaving nightclubs, summer festivals, endless after-parties, and travelling hundreds of miles to get a glimpse of my favourite DJs. Not content with this utopia being restricted to weekends, I networked my ass off at any event I attended. This led to me volunteering and working in many roles across the industry in both the UK and Ibiza. From being a podium dancer in clubs such as Eden, Cafe De Paris, Brixton Academy and The Emporium, to promotional work for brands such as Tidy, Lashed, Pukka Up and Manumission, and assisting at events for brands such as MOS & Coca Cola, I was determined to be noticed. It was hard work, but I loved every moment!

My life in the world of PR began in 2017 for Get In PR, based in Brooklyn. Working on the globally renowned Ultra Music Festival certainly made me find my feet in the world of publicity, and fast. Then, two years ago, I returned to the UK and joined The Mother Lode PR, working alongside the wonderful Kat Bailey. The past 12 months have been a rollercoaster. As soon as I started at The Mother Lode, I began building a wonderful roster of techno artists that I’ve admired and respected for years. I felt like I had finally found where I wanted to be in this industry. Then, of course, Covid hit. The entire globe kissed goodbye to gigs and tours, removing the main income of the artists I was representing, and of course, that in turn impacted me as their publicist. 

Covid erased the freedom to travel to events. I couldn’t network or bring on new clients the best way I know how – face to face. The part of me that feels pure joy when sharing energy with like-minded souls on the dancefloor was gone. Getting lost in the mutually shared joy of heavy bassline euphoria was stolen. Hugs, smiles, celebrations, I even started to miss the sensation of sweat dripping on me from the ceiling of the darkest of underground venues. For a social butterfly whose life has revolved around the electronic music industry for almost two decades, I was struggling. With each month that passed, I felt as if more and more of my identity was being stolen. My lifestyle came to a screaming halt and I felt I didn’t know who I was anymore. I longed for human contact. At times pulling myself out of a strangely dark headspace has been challenging, as I’m sure it has been for most people. I feel very lucky to have had Kat’s continuous positivity and belief in my work, she’s an incredible friend as well as colleague, forever cheering me on.

This period has given me the opportunity to stop and reflect, to consider what I would like to achieve on a personal level, and focus on my mindful growth as an individual. I began to study a relationship coaching diploma, focusing on romantic relationships, work, home, and most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. My coaching facility will allow me to empower others who are struggling with mindset and communication and this will run alongside my work as a publicist in the near future. So advice for women reading this is to be kind to yourself, look how far you have come, and be damn proud of it! Also, to focus on the here and now, and try not to stress about the future. As 2020 has proven, we don’t know what’s around the corner. Take daily action, keep your self-belief high, and remember that you’re precisely where you need to be at this exact moment in time.