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A key pillar of Savenightlife is our dedication to inclusion, diversity and wellbeing — elements that form the core of everything the NTIA and SaveNightlife stands for. At this point, the challenges presented by 2020 are too long to list, and so it isn’t surprising that many people’s physical and mental health has taken its toll as a result.

With that in mind, our aim is to provide support and resources to optimise wellbeing for ourselves, our loved ones, and those we share space with in the workplace. Offering tools, tips, and advice, we’ve teamed up with a series of informed partners to present the best available insight into how to deal with the issues affecting all our lives at the moment.

In the toughest of times, the strength of our community has proven to be more resilient and stronger than ever. Let’s harness that positivity and weaponise it for the greater good moving forward.

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