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The world’s first 24-hour mental health festival is back and it’s happening *in real life*

Getahead, the mental health and wellbeing festival with a twist, is back in 2021. On 4th June, speakers, coaches and industry experts will gather in Omeara, London for a day designed to boost your wellbeing.

Forget everything you know about mental health sessions – this isn’t a day of lectures and advice you’ll never follow. From dance workouts to therapy puppies to a sober rave, Getahead is on a mission to make wellbeing fun and accessible to everyone.

The festival has its roots in the music industry and is supported by partners including the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) and the Association of Independent Music (AIM). The music industry has faced a turbulent year, leading many to struggle with their mental health. Getahead will be offering targeted support for industry professionals throughout the day, with specific sessions focusing on wellbeing in music and hospitality.

It’s not just the music industry that has been negatively impacted over the past year. Approximately 10 million people across the UK will need new or additional mental health support due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some people have been denied access to mental health services while countless others are feeling the impact of isolation, grief and financial stress.

2021 is a year for recovery. With the end of the pandemic in sight, Getahead is supporting communities to bounce back by raising awareness of mental health issues, continuing to speak about difficult subjects and offering new and innovative ways to manage wellbeing. Getahead supports people from all backgrounds to build a lifestyle that isn’t just about coping but thriving.

This year’s festival will tackle pressing concerns including: financial wellbeing, mindful drinking, suicide awareness and thriving in the workplace.

As well as addressing these serious issues, the day will be injected with fun – something we could all do with a bit more of at the moment. Cuddle Club’s adorable pups will be on hand for some furry therapy and Morning Gloryville will be hosting one of their iconic sober raves. The evening will be a chance to relax and let loose, with stand-up comedy followed by a club night until 6 am.

Jenni Cochrane, CEO and co-founder of Getahead, said:

“After a year away, we are so excited that Getahead Festival is returning in 2021. We may have a vaccine for the pandemic, but there is no vaccine for the mental health crisis we’re facing. It fills me with joy that Getahead Festival will be bringing communities together in person on a 24-hour journey of health, development and fun.”

Silvana Kill, Head of People and Operations at NTIA, said:

“The NTIA and SaveNightlife CIC are extremely proud and excited to be partnering with Getahead at this year’s Getahead Festival! We absolutely support Getahead’s mission to positively impact people, by promoting wellness and personal development to those who need it the most within the hospitality, late-night and events sectors! We look forward to sharing our experiences and helping seek new ways of improving our personal and professional wellbeing together.”

Jude McArdle, Membership Manager at the Association of Independent Music (AIM), said: “I am thrilled that AIM is partnering on such an important event. Uncertainty and anxiety go hand in hand and right now so much feels unsettled and out of our control.

“We are seeing so many of AIM’s members recognise the importance of meeting the mental health needs of both their staff and the artists they work with. Communities like Getahead remind people that they’re not alone. With Getahead’s expertise in the music industry and understanding of the challenges that can come with being creative, we recommend anyone in music attend this fantastic festival.”

In a year when we could all really do with a hug, Getahead is creating a safe space to build back better. Registration launches at 1 pm on Monday 18th January 2021 (a.k.a ‘Blue Monday’) with tickets going on sale 1st March.

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