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House parties are “hotbeds” for spiking drinks and a rise in incidents is likely on new year’s eve, experts warn.

It comes after women have reported suffering attacks by injection in nightclubs and bars in recent months.

The Alcohol Education Trust has found 35 per cent of drinks-spiking incidents have taken place at private parties – higher than the 28 per cent at nightspots.

Helena Conibear, chief executive, told The Independent: “With new year’s eve ahead, we do need to keep our wits about us wherever we choose to partyDrinks-spiking is likely to rise because more people are out with friends.”

She said people are more likely to overindulge on new year’s eve so need to extra vigilant of both their own and friends’ safety and added that there are more house parties than usual on the last night of the year.

House parties can be more dangerous [than clubs] as party-goers are less likely to keep tabs on their drinks due to being more relaxed, Ms Conibear said and added: “At house parties, as we’re amongst friends our guard is more likely to be down and we’re less likely to keep a close eye on our drinks.
“Drink-spiking predators choose house parties as people are likely to be more relaxed and there’s no CCTV either – so just a caution – stay aware, keep an eye on your mates and them on you.

“We are extremely concerned that while the industry works towards ensuring people can have a safe night out in well-run, regulated environments, illegal events and house parties – according to early statistics – are a hotbed for these crimes and must be dealt with by the police.”

Ms Conibear warned domestic premises are “unregulated” and have a dearth of medical facilities so are therefore a “huge cause for concern”.

Charities and campaigners recently told The Independent that incidents are often dismissed by both the police and the NHS, which generally does note carry out blood and urine tests check if victims have been spiked and survivors are routinely being left with nowhere to turn.



Source: Independent

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