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Last Thursday, there was a trip taken down the dancefloor memory lane at Corsica Studios as Dancefloor Recall held their launch party. Everyone has had a pivotal dancefloor moment, and this launch party consisted of a photography exhibition which celebrated the stories of these special occasions. The event was a huge success, with all attendees fully engaged and loving the project, drinks in hand, and even cutting some shapes on the dancefloor again to celebrate their safe havens together.

The dancefloor is a special place for many people, which Dancefloor Recall founders Heather Shuker and Fran Hales wanted to shine a creative light on. London based award winning photographer Heather’s work revolves around people and place, and the relationships between the two. London based self-taught photographer Fran puts people at the forefront of her images and captures their moments with a “hidden in plain sight” feel. Inspired by the closure of nightclubs and nightlife, both put their visions together to develop a photography project which reflects on the value and meaning that the dancefloor adds to the lives of many, from new friendships, unions in marriage and even births.

NTIA CEO Michael Kill says “We are moved and shaped by life’s experiences, dancing, music, culture has a fundamental part to play in shaping who we are and the socioeconomics of the UK.” Touching upon Dancefloor Recall, he also says that “this initiative reminds us of those moments and through such difficult times presents a sense of purpose for the industry and the communities it serves.”

To see a combination of quotes from the project and some additional portraits from the exhibition, as well as a selection of Heather and Fran’s archive clubbing footage, click play on the slideshow video to join the Dancefloor Recall world and enjoy some touching moments that the dancefloor has been able to create.

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