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It’s apparent that we — as humans — perceive everyone else as having their lives together, of being ‘sorted’. This perception is put on rocket-boosters by the social media. But a peek behind the curtain will show we all have our cross to bear, struggles to shoulder, pitfalls we have fallen in. Instagram shots are an edit of our lives, not real life.

But we swallow these Stories wholesale.

We see the superstar DJ, the rock star tech-CEO, the super-Mom and think…”why am I such a sorry loser?”. Well, guess what? We all feel that way. But nobody’s lives are perfect.

Hence: “Behind the Curtain”

We want to go behind the curtain of successful people’s lives to find out what really goes on…the good, the bad and the ugly. The podcast is a long-form conversation featuring super-interesting friends of Getahead.

Our mission is to help a billion people ‘get ahead without burning out’ by 2043 (a 25 year commitment we made in 2018). The podcast is a central part of our plan to scale our impact. To date it has been hosted by Will Kirby who was an integral part of the launch of Getahead, 2020 will see our new host Grace Flynn bringing fresh life to Behind The Curtain… watch this space!

About Grace Flynn

Grace has worked in music industry for both labels and festivals including both Metalheadz and Outlook. She was most recently marketing manager for El Dorado festival and Cirque Du Soul, as well as being a content creator and executor for London super club Fabric.

Grace now works for Mustard Media, Europe’s leading festivals and events accelerator, and fuels her passion for wellbeing and mental health by managing all content for Getahead. No stranger to presenting, Grace is an exceptional people person and the perfect new host and face of Behind The Curtain for 2020!

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