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Social Distancing by Ubiqisense, is a smart algorithm that can be deployed on any IP infrastructure, It provides both real-time and historical insights into space use and density, alerting users when safe distance is breached. Measure how many people are present in an area, and if they are keeping the minimum advised distance from each other when, standing, sitting or walking.

Detect clusters of people

Our sensors detect when people gather together in clusters. Collect information on how your facilities are being used, get immediate notifications when groups of people occur.

Detect when people are standing too close

Keep using your facilities while maintaining a safe distance. Our sensor alerts you if your spaces become too crowded or people are standing too close together.

Detect when the number of people in a room exceeds safety levels

Ensure that rooms are being used in a safe way to limit the spread of Covid-19. If the number exceeds safety levels our system will alert you and your occupants.

Our Social Distancing solution can be deployed on any IP-based camera, with no changes to your camera infrastructure required.

You only need to give us access to the feed, we will take care of the rest. Get started monitoring your spaces, minimise risk and prevent Covid-19 spread.

Easy installation

Our sensors detect when people gather together in clusters. Collect information on how your facilities are being used, get immediate notifications when groups of people occur.

How it works

Pro-active live alerts are generated when social distance safety compromised, to help everyone stay safe. Alerts can be via visual devices such as displays or announcements to help people stay safe, but can also be sent to monitoring centres, security, police or other personnel responsible for safety.

Data can be analysed to provide insights into the use of your facilities, discover bottlenecks and places where people typically gather.

In adherence to GDPR, only meta-data is being stored for historical analysis – either in your own database or on our analytics portal. No images are ever stored or transmitted.



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