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The NTIA Are Proud To Announce Our Second Night-Time Economy Summit in Conjunction with VibeLab

Following the successful launch of the First Night Time Economy Summit in Bristol, the NTIA have announced the second in the series of conferences focused on night time economy across the UK.


Taking action to reduce the harm of drugs and alcohol in Bristol’s night time economy

Efforts to reduce the harm caused by drugs and alcohol in the night time economy have received a boost today with the launch of a campaign aimed at promoting safety in the sector.


NTIA Slam Government’s view that there is no need for Specific Spiking Offence

"This is hugely short sighted by the Government and will without doubt still retain legacy issues in reporting and data gathering as seen pre October 2021"


NTIA & AFEM Say New Report Shows Government Underestimates True Value of Club Culture in the UK

With recent reports stating that 1 in 3 Nightclubs are at risk of closing in the coming months, the NTIA and AFEM are concerned that the UK faces losing the world-renowned club network, the breeding ground for the artists, DJs, and entrepreneurs which shape this amazing movement.


Together We Can Stop Drink Spiking

What is drink spiking? What are the symptoms? What to do if you suspect you have been spiked? Learn about drink spiking using the link below.


SaveNightlife is a movement highlighting the social and cultural significance of nightlife and associated contemporary arts. A key pillar of the NTIA, it aims to secure recognition for the electronic music scene by elevating its voice and substantiating its value, not just in terms of contribution to the economy, but also for its essential cultural output, both nationally and internationally. 


Supported by a cross-country network of DJs, artists, venues, promoters and industry figureheads, it raises awareness of electronic music culture, while also providing a supportive, inclusive and representative ecosystem for everyone who lives, works and plays within the industry.

In the post-Covid world, it’s more important than ever to ensure that electronic music and its myriad subcultures are recognised as art forms in their own right, each with boundless socioeconomic benefits. 

Join with us in enhancing the scene’s status, and in the creation and protection of diverse festivals, events, and after-dark landscapes – so vital to thriving, vibrant cities across the world.


We are totally funded by venues and people: without your support we can’t continue the fight for Britain’s nightlife. Please considering donating between £1 – £50 to keep the campaign going.


At Savenightlife CIC, we support the individuals and businesses that make up the nightlife industries, a role that’s been pushed to the fore in 2020 as Covid-19 has ripped through the core of the scene.

The Night Time Industries Association promotes the unique contribution of the night time industry to the UK.


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